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Course description

The Communications Design programme follows closely the ever-changing practical and technical requirements for professional careers in the media sector. It sets out to educate creative, team-working and independent designers who are able to think in a system-oriented manner and who can act in a responsible way.      

In the first two semesters, students learn the essentials of design, experimental methods and techniques and the historical roots of occupations in print typography, illustration or photography. 

From the third semester on, design workshops combined with lectures, methodology and technology classes mark the professional phase of the programme. The wide range of available projects gives students the possibility of creating their individual learning paths throughout the course’s duration. Workshops and lectures delivered by internationally recognized designers give new impulses and offer insights into the latest industry trends and practice. Interdisciplinary projects such as cooperation with other courses at the University are also part and parcel of the curriculum.

Incoming students on exchange programmes

If you are an Incoming student into Faculty 5 on an exchange programme (such as Erasmus), a list of your local contacts is available here. If you do not study at one of our partner universities (listed below), please contact the International Office first to find out if an institutional agreement is possible to allow you to spend a semester or a year at HTW Berlin.

Full-time study candidates from abroad

If you are considering studying the Communications Design course on a full-time basis, please refer to our International Applicationssection.

Modules in English

HORIZON is the new international programme at HTW Berlin. It is primarily designed for exchange students from our overseas partner universities. Depending on your field of study at home university, you can choose between different thematic tracks delivered in English. The Design and the Fashion tracks are meant for students at Faculty 5.

As an Incoming Student, you have the opportunity to take the following modules in Communications Design:

TitleECTS PointsSemester
BI 15 Universal Design Thinking 6 (mandatory)winter only
BI 40 Long-term Design Project10 (mandatory)winter and summer
BI 42 Long-term Design Project10winter only
BI 46 Short-term Design Project5 (mandatory)winter only
German as a Foreign Language4 (mandatory)winter and summer
Cultural Translation – Connecting Europe and Asia from Japan (B20)5summer only
Introduction to Japanese Culture (AWE)2 winter and summer
Site-Specific Projections and Urban Histories2winter and summer
Creative Outdoor Drawing (B5.22)2winter and summer
Art and Architecture in Berlin (AWE) 2winter and summer
Potentials of Bamboo2winter and summer
Becoming a Global Graduate (AWE)2 winter and summer
Creative Pattern Development (AWE)2winter and summer
Techniques in Illustration and Visualization (AWE)2winter and summer
Introduction to Research Methods and Scientific Writing (BIB1.1) 6winter and summer

We are working towards further increasing the number of modules delivered in English in Faculty 5 so please check this site for a latest list before you prepare your application. You may also enroll into modules on other degree courses and/or in other Faculties, subject to availability and consent from a Lecturer or a Course Manager, where these modules are relevant to your degree and when your choice is accepted by your home university's outgoing students Coordinator (via a Learning Agreement).

Should you wish to take modules in German as well, our language level requirement is B2 ( as per the ECFR).

Partnership requests

We are always happy to receive partnership requests from other institutions. If you represent an overseas university not on the list below and would like to initiate an agreement with HTW Berlin Faculty 5, please send your proposal by e-mail to the Dean of the Faculty, Prof. Katrin Hinz, at